Stomach Pain, Journals & Elimination Diet

At the end of November,  I took Lego to see Dr. R about his tummy pains. After giving him the complete run down of everything that had been going on and what we had tried, he suggested that we try an anti anxiety med because anxiety is linked to stomach pain. He also suggested that we start Florastor which is a Probiotic to help balance the bacteria in his stomach. It seemed to be working quiet well for most of December.

Then Christmas holidays started. Christmas Eve and Christmas day were great. They were the nice, quiet and mellow celebrations we needed. On the 27th though, Bright woke up with RSV (which is a very nasty cold that affects the respiratory tract) and Music ended up with a nasty cough too. So I loaded up the kids and headed an hour out of town to a walk in clinic to have them checked out. Bright needed another inhaler which I completely expected and Music had a viral cold so it just needed to run it’s course. Since we were there I asked the doctor to check out Lego and Monkey just in case. Both boys were healthy. Great only 2 out of 4 are sick. Completely manageable. The next morning Monkey woke up with the cough too. By this time, we haven’t had much sleep but that happens when kids are sick. We spent that whole day relaxing and watching movies and not doing much of anything else.

By the 30th we were all exhausted, and I noticed that Lego seemed out of sorts. He was going to the washroom very frequently and he was complaining of a sore tummy. He was very gassy too which was not helping matters at all. By 10:30 that night he was pale, tired, and I tried to give him another bath just to see if the warmth would help. I noticed that his tummy was very bloated again so I kinda figured I knew where this was headed. He slept upstairs on the couch that night to be close to the washroom (one down fall of having Music & Lego’s rooms downstairs with the washroom upstairs) and seemed to be alright until about 1:30am. Something woke me –  a yell, so i checked on Bright and Monkey and they were fast asleep. When I came to check on Lego he was very restless on the couch but seemed lethargic. I woke him up and he said his tummy hurt so bad. I tried to convince him to have another bath but he didn’t want to. I convinced him to go to the washroom in case he was going to be sick. We made it just in time. After he was done he lied on the bathroom floor and I went to get the phone to call health link. Instead of going straight to the hospital you can call them and give them a list of symptoms and they tell you whether you should go to the hospital right away or if you should give it some time. I was on hold for about 10 minutes when I hung up and called our hospital. I told the nurse what was going on and she could hear Lego crying and screaming in the background. She told me to bring him up and they would call the doctor.

He was in so much pain that just moving to put his coat and boots on made him violently sick again. Once he was good to start moving around I got him up to the hospital. The nurses were awesome and they got him checked in and gave us a room. I think it was about 2am when we got there. After a little while up there he fell asleep so they waited to call the doctor. The doctor showed up at 11am that morning just as Lego was waking up. He did a really good assessment on him and had read all of the previous history before he even came to talk to us. His conclusion is that it’s most likely IBS, so we needed to start watching what he eats and drinks. He also told us to rule out Celiac disease which is something we have already done so I agreed that more than likely this is what we are dealing with.

Once we made it home I started doing some research. I was surprised to find that a lot of staples in our house were things that could affect him. We cook with onions in almost everything, so now for him no more onions. The same goes for cabbage, green peppers, and too many other things to list. So I decided to cut these specific foods out along with gluten because I found out it can sometimes make things worse. I also started a food and drink journal so we could keep track of anything else that may bother him. It’s a lot of work but I will do just about anything to keep these stomach pains away.We are now on day 8 and the most troubling sign we are seeing is his tummy bloating. I am calling Dr. R’s office tomorrow to schedule another appointment and ask to be referred to a gastro specialist. I’m hoping we can get this figured out really soon.

So far with the diet changes though he has been handling everything really well. Most of the stuff I have gotten that is gluten free actually tastes not too bad. I was quite impressed. One thing I am concerned about though, is that tomorrow is the first day back to school. I’m worried about how I am going to handle lunches, along with any changes he is feeling throughout the day. As for the other 3 kids, everyone is feeling great… just very bored because it has been too cold out to do anything outside of the house. Our holidays didn’t quite go the way I expected but then again.. it rarely does I guess.

Author: Mosaic

I am a busy mom of 4. I have been on this journey for 8 years now and finally feel that we have more pieces to the puzzle that were missing for Lego. Lego has multiple diagnoses including the most recent FASD. I am blogging our journey and our battle for answers so that others may not have to go through everything we did and to change the understanding and acceptance of FASD.

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